Flour, yeast, water, salt and lots of time is all we need to make a fabulous loaf

West's Bakery has a wide range of breads pastries and cakes to select from our village shop.

West's Bakery is a well established independent family run business that has been baking traditional breads and cakes for the past 100 years, using traditional methods and local millers.

So whether you need a speciality loaf of bread or need a birthday cake making, our craft bakers can cater for your needs.

We believe in the traditional slow fermentation method when making the bread, resulting in a full flavoured loaf which is easy to digest.

You can expect the following benefits when choosing West's Bakery

  • A village shop which is open 6 days a week
  • Daily wholesale deliveries in and around South Warwickshire
  • All breads use untreated flours sourced from local millers
  • We use no additives, no enhancers and no artificial flavourings
  • Seasonal breads and cakes available
  • Your favourite breads and cakes available to order in advance

Call 01789 840 252 for fresh daily bread, cakes and pastries

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